About Us

Susan Bohlert Smith and her studio’s obsession with beautiful things is inspired by classic Italian architecture, black and white Hollywood glamour of the past, retro island life and nature’s juxtapositions. Smith and company organically blend period antiques with contemporary and vintage pieces in their seamlessly orchestrated spaces. Her signature talents, a keen color sense and a willingness to apply color boldly and uniquely in her design plans, personalize all of her projects. The firm's style is about the unexpected: rustic ebony cabinets belie Chinese red lacquer interiors; black ceilings create infinite visual space; a turquoise door peaks curiosity.

Susan brings an instinctive sense to her design projects, and is precise in applying her personal stamp to them - yet her high art approach to interior design never overshadows the core purpose, which is to channel her client’s personal aesthetic. Bohlert Massey Interiors acts as the common thread that weaves client, contractor, and architect. From custom cabinetry design, to unique furnishings, Smith and team create one of a kind homes individualized for each client. She and her team provide comfortable, functional backdrops for their clients, while elevating the state of living well.